Medical Qigong therapy is the oldest therapeutic modality of Chinese medicine.


MEDICALHealth & Fitness


Martial Qigong goes a step beyond health. It develops abilities well beyond those of normal people.




Focuses on managing and directing the mind to reduce stress, and expand consciousness and focus.




Spiritual Qigong isn't about going somewhere or transcending something -- we already are, where we want to "go"




  • " I am an international sportsman in shooting. I was introduced to Christopher somewhere in 2004-2005. We worked together consistently for a year and then a little on and off due to my hectic schedules in 2006. My performance improved and I was very consistent throughout that period thanks to the amazing exercises done with Christopher."

    Ronak Pandit (National Champion and Gold medallist and record holder of Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006)

  • "Doing Chi Cultivation(breathing exercises) leads to a clear head, a steady heart and a healthy body - this is living in balance - thank you Christopher for teaching me these exercises!"

    - Ketan Anand(Film maker)

  • The first thing that comes to my mind, when I think about Tai Chi is "I am blessed" 
    Tai Chi has an overall significant impact on my life. To be short and to the point, we all face challenges in Life, both Physically & Mentally or Psychologically. I have been practicing Yoga, Meditation and have a fairly good reading habit. All of this, only to live life in the best possible attitude, zeal and outcome.

    Shweta Patki (Software Designer and Mother)

  • I started training with Christopher Fernandes for physical fitness in 2001. When I started, I had two major concerns
    1. Whether the exercise would benefit my sport whether it would help me to achieve my form in the competitive world of target shooting and 
    2. whether my acute cervical spondylitis would be able to take the strain of the activity.

    Sheila Kanungo(13 times National Champion in Pistol Shooting & Silver Medal at the Commonwealth Games 2002)

  • "It started with my friend Aruna's
    Taichi walk in Ooty; following her to Mumbai in February 2011 - my first class 
    With Christopher a total chaos - unlearning to learn the real Taichi 
    For there's plenty floating around in the name of Taichi."

    - Sashi Chandran (Proprietor Nitya Gurukula)

    Wisdom From the bamboo Groove

    Let your mind wander in simplicity; blend your spirit with the vastness, follow along with things the way they are, and make no room for personal views, and you will be with the flow.

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    Sevangee is derived from the Sanskrit word " seva+angee " which means "body of work" or a regime. In this case a regimen of practice and training for the development of the self. Sevangee also corroborates with the concept of Yin & Yang, where "seva" is yang and "angee" is yin.

    • Sevangee draws its ideology from a bamboo plant, though hollow in nature, but having tremendous potential - from being a weapon to a musical instrument, to being the basic foundation for shelter, and so on..!

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    • Christopher Fernandes

      Christopher started his journey in the year 1975 in the field of internal body training as well as in the field of Chinese martial arts (Wushu, Hua Chuan-Kung Fu) and physical training. He trained under the late Lama Sevang Migyuar Nobu in both hard/external martial art (Hua Chuan Kung Fu) as well as soft/internal martial arts (Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Nei Gong).

      He completed his training in China where he became the first Indian to be trained in Wushu at the prestigious Beijing Institute of Physical Education. His list of achievements since then is extensive. Since then he has conducted numerous classes, seminars, and workshops across India. He is an expert in the use of a vast array of traditional weapons. He has authored and co-authored several books including 'The Art of Kung Fu Wushu', 'The Art of Stick Fighting', 'Tai Chi Chuan: The Mantra for Health and Fitness', and 'The Art of Self Defense'.

      For the last 17 years he has also been researching the ancient and fast disappearing field of traditional Indian physical training and martial arts, which has culminated in the publishing of his latest book, Vajramushti: Martial Arts of India,by Creative House International Press, Texas, USA. In addition, his study of Indian philosophy and physical training has allowed him to objectively identify the common points of origin of Indian and other traditional systems of thought and training. He is currently studying the parallels in eastern meditative experiences and high energy physics.


    • Career With Sevangee

      Sevangee is looking out for training instructors. Prior knowledge of any form of traditional mind-body training (yoga, reiki, etc.) is not necessary. If you are interested email us your resume on